Andy Harris and “Obamacare”: Another pants on fire situation.

Oh Andy Harris. What a funny guy. Crusading against “Obamacare” in the interest of the people. Remember, everyone, that the GOP is the party of the people. The party of “real America“. That is why you had no choice but to vote in a guy who understands to represent you Maryland. You needed Handy Andy Harris because he knew the ins and outs of the system and just how bad Obama’s plan for our well being really was. Ladies and gentlemen, send this man to Washington! He is going to set things straight. What’s that? He started a big stink at his orientation? Wow! That guy can’t wait to stick it to them. He must have started right in on health care reform huh?…Well, not quite. In fact, while he did cause a stir about health care that day it had nothing to do with you or me but it did relate to reform. Reform, that is, for his GOVERNMENT PAID FREE HEALTH CARE PROGRAM. All senators get this free health coverage but not soon enough for ole’ Andy. He found out that he would have to wait 28 days for his plan to go into effect after he was sworn in and, well, that was no good. He demanded to know why he couldn’t have it right away. Harris went so far as to stand up and ask what he was supposed to do without 28 days of health care. Excuse me for just a moment while I regurgitate all over this laptop. Maybe Mr. Harris doesn’t get it. There are people, millions of them, who don’t know what they are going to do without YEARS of insurance and available health services. Their children have nothing. They have nothing. Why? Because you decided that medicine was a business and not a right. You decided, that even a compromise that would allow businesses to still make profits while being closely regulated was “socialist” and evil. You Mr. Harris. A doctor. Someone who is supposed to dedicate their lives to helping others be well. Instead, you have only looked after your own personal interests. Enjoy your “late starting” government funded health program. And while you are receiving top notch treatment for free, don’t even think about the poorest of our brothers and sisters who are dying without access to basic care. Don’t you dare imagine their suffering. Because you couldn’t ever imagine it. I’m afraid that 28 days just isn’t enough time for you to get the point. But of course, its not about you getting the point Andy. We were supposed to get the point. The people. The voters. But we didn’t did we? We decided that knowing about real facts on issues wasn’t convenient enough for us. We would trust commercials and accept a candidates lies without looking at any alternatives. We don’t need the right person for this seat, only a new person. Has it ever occurred to anyone that switching back and forth between parties turns this country into a revolving door of bad ideas and poor execution? Andy Harris is just one example of how easily we fall in love with lies in this country. They feel good and taste like chicken. Mmmmmmm. Chewy chunks of falsehood slathered in gravy with a free biscuit.  As long as we order french fried lies off the value menu, guys like Harris are going to shovel it into our every orifice. So remember America, while Andy Harris has violated our trust, we are repeatedly violating ourselves. And we all know that that makes you go blind……..sinner.

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