The Hammer gets Nailed: Tom Delay hits the “Launder Mat”

Tom “The Hammer” DeLay, former U.S. House majority leader and a big shot Republican, has just been found guilty on money laundering charges. Now we aren’t talking about dry cleaning a couple dollars here (extra starch.) We are talking about funneling hundreds of thousands of corporate dollars to some Texas Republicans and their campaigns. Serious business. It seems as though some justice will finally be done in the U.S. political world. Guys and gals in government have been working these types of shenanigans for years. It’s about time someone got nailed for it. How fitting it happens to be a guy known as the “Hammer.” He could face up to a life sentence for his crimes, but I say it would take less than that to send a solid message to his cronies. Give him ten years with no parole and make him serve the WHOLE time. No golf clubs with guards and no cable. Just some gruel and a 300 pound cellmate named Tiny. We have to make this stick or we will be giving out another slap on the wrist to the privileged and sending a message that if you have money in this country you can screw whoever you want as long as you eventually say “my bad” or build a school. Americans should accept nothing short of a fully served sentence for this man. Anything less would be uncivilized.  Citizens of this great nation have known for a long time that our leaders were crooked and this trial serves as a testament to that. We MUST admit and own up to the responsibility for our elected officials. If we do not put demands on them and expect them to be met we are no longer the people but instead become the subjugated. So come on America! It’s Hammer Time!

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