On the State of Rome 2.0: Who’s Holding the Keys to the Kingdom?

In Baldwin’s Stranger in the Village, he addresses the issue of the white supremacy belief stating that it, “…rests simply on the fact that white men are the creators of civilization…and are therefore civilization’s guardians and defenders” (Baldwin 172). The idea that the current civilization tends to be dominated by the opinion of its originators seems to be fairly on point. White folks tend to look at past civilizations as distant and very much inferior no matter the degree of reverence held for them. Advanced mathematical formulas, great buildings, trade routes, and democratic systems all seem to be part of an antiquity which we feel as though we have perfected. Yes, we may occasionally talk of the Romans as if they helped create our modern war machine, but this derives mainly from the fact that their contributions helped us to become better conquerors. There exists no doubt in my mind that we are the new Roman Empire. And as that mirror image, though updated (Rome 2.0 if you will), we will inevitably fall at some point. The fall will come with new cultures taking the dominant control of our empire and a brand new perspective on the rights of privileged persons. Things are always different when the car splashes muddy water on you instead. White culture is almost identical to popular Western culture. We set the demands for fashion, music, local and foreign economies, and hold our own standards of erudition demanding that language and learning shape themselves to white middle/upper class ideals. When one believes himself to hold the keys to the kingdom, whatever he shall hold loosed on Earth will be forcefully upheld.

What must then happen for Western culture to advance beyond this oligarchical dominance? I believe that the youth of America and Canada must lead through example. They must transcend the meager skill sets of their birthright and push for greater knowledge, compassion, empathy, and comprehension in their time. Only we can change the course of this nation. The youth must demand with their voices, votes, and dollars, that things be set right. If we give our words to triviality, triviality will blind our eyes to atrocity. If we give our votes to political agenda, political agenda will blind our eyes to just governance. If we give our dollar to goods and services that exploit those who can not speak, vote, or spend themselves, then we will be blind to the truth of our self-sanctioned bloodshed. There must be enlightenment or our shadow will grow to leave us all in the dark.

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