Failing, Flailing, and the Dark Dead of Light

You are just as much to blame as I. The guilt washes us clean of innocence and stains our existence. Though I have indeed failed, miserably and certainly, it is you that depended upon my success. It is you who chose me, not I. Every instance of trust you invested in the wretchedness of my vile person has been murdered and lies rotting in the grave of our once was. Remember that you are to blame for counting on me. You are at fault for betting on a crippled soul to fulfill your successes. So now, as we both become acutely cognizant of the life leaving this body of work, know that you are no god to breathe life into the lifeless. I was a failure when you found me, flailing in the darkness. How dare you ask me to lead you to the light? The shadow does not surround me. It is not within me. The shadow is me.

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