Big Top Circus Freak Show Presents The Amazing Absent Man In The Flesh!

The sideshow must go

On until they say so

My malformality

Quite the reality and a testament to a sad individuality

That festers and boils and grows inside and in spite of me

What would you ask of me and my disease?

What am I?

I am that I’m not

What else have you got?

Of course that’s vague and such is this plague I bear, and bare before you

Nonsense is poor sense and you can keep your two cents

Such a sore thumb

Too bright or too dumb?

Perhaps a little too numb for some


Even when I am there

But you are also nowhere when I don’t care

And if I could I wouldn’t share this

So try not to stare if you please, thank you

He doesn’t come around anymore when he stands near you know

Though he seems to be here, he is surely set off I fear

Nothing gets done with this one

He only wants fun

Doesn’t think of anyone or anything at all

Blurry, Unfocused, Unaware, without a care

Bumbling, fumbling, tumbling, stumbling into the next moment

Like a fool on parade

See him wave?

You wonder

Poorly made or a charade?

No, it’s quite true I’m afraid

All the things they’ve said

I’m a spectacle for eyes to be laid

So step right up and let me demonstrate

A one life only event on display

The greatest of all the tragedies played

A living joke that your maker has made

Come one, come all

And see the Amazing Absent Man!

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