Have we returned?

Yeah. You know what?…just forget it. I’m not the first to try and fail. I quit. You finally broke me. I don’t want to be right anymore. I just want to do my own shit. My own way. I don’t want to hear your thoughts or why you justify whatever it is you do that makes you think you can wash away the stench of your animal. I can’t break away from the most real truth of our wretched condition any more than you can. Monkeys can shave and bikini wax all they want. They still throw their shit at each other when they get tired of wallowing in it. So enjoy the rest of your time hurling through space on your giant mud ball. Botox your lips, drink slimfast, buy nike’s, guzzle PBR, watch American Idol, join a cult, start a vocal group, eat a happy meal. But remember that you were the one who said that God was gonna make us dust again. Think about that. Dirt is dirt. Filthy dirt. Beautiful little raindrops falling to join each other in the dirt.

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