Has it come to this?

Love in passing

Kissing my reflection

Not your tender trembling lips

Bitten with brazen forwardness

Of a newly broken heart

In three pieces shared with me by myself and

I am not to want your eyes in mine, their stars in my sky

But I am wont to none the less

To ache silently

To surely sin in being consumed by this flame

Such a touch tears the tears from the very windows of my being

Like raindrops on the pane as I contemplate mine

Just once to feel freed from this need

Of the three fates of me

Not to hurt of  being haunted by the hunt and the chases abandoned

Let me but once live and not let die

Those whose string fate foolishly vested to my scissored hands

How cruel this callous game of chance

That would scar hearts by their own blade

To carve carelessly names into their souls

Flooding with dark desire and shame of names

Am I so empty?

In folly freely chosen

Hearts are torn wide

Inviting such incisions as these new names

And yet,

I kiss my trembling lips in the looking glass again

Has it come to this?

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