Beside Myself

Removed from these moments. Out of sight and in my mind. Imprisoned escapism claims another victim of the self inflicted solitude known as me. Copy and paste into place and send off the memo of the man I have created for you out of paper and pen and dick moves. Finally, the opportunity to truly be beside myself while hiding from you entirely. Public appearances are sparse so be ready with the flash bulbs ’cause this flash mob is a one man band that kicks out jams and jets before anyone realizes that he left. I don’t exist anymore but the punch lines still land like right hands in flurry of fists in the first round. Knocking you all down for praising this clown. So he paints his face for the Facebook ’cause firstlooks are all you see and you won’t remember me or who I happen to be. So, I oblige accordingly. and provide you with another me. A me that we can all agree is entertaining enough, aloof and enigmatic enough not to hate with your whole heart; just the part that wishes we weren’t apart and that he would step to the plate for his turn to strike out. Cause you wouldn’t call him out would you? No. But he won’t chance to dance this time. He’s busy singing his song and can’t take the time to right wrongs or just write you something real about how he feels about you. Believing in you is easy. I can see you. But no one else can see your imaginary friend. So why do you believe in him?

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