You know why I never sleep? Because the night embraces me. The sun glares at me in disdain all day but the night; the night is my lover. She waits until everyone but the freaks and drunks are asleep and then she kisses me cruelly when no one else can see us touching. Every morning she expires and I wait all day for the sunlit world to burn through me so we can be together again. We can touch once more in those solitary hours between lives lived in light and automation. In hidden moments the darkness wraps its cool claws round my neck while the void takes me. It slides under my clothes and seeps through the skin to chill my bones and bring them the ache that dark hearts desire. The sharpest shadows slice as tongues of black lap my bloodied back. The night hurts me, hates me, hardens me. I welcome this anguish. I hold the night. And in my embrace, she dies for love.

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