Dance and sing

And bow before me

Taking torn knees

And pray for what you need

I exist above

I hide underneath

Callous, cold, grandiose

Crushing you beneath

My majesty, this honesty

Honestly, you but dot my I

Specks in this day

Dust in my way

I can own and possess and kill and caress

And could die for this

Destroy for my glamour

Stab out my vision

Cut out my tongue and the things he has said

The ones he can not

And the words that he should

The ones you’ve forgotten

In time as I writhe and morph and contrive

So spectacle can show its sickening sparkles

In the vomit of performance

And the blood of self martyrdom

Freely forced on those yet to ask

For they know not what they do need

But I


I am the answer

The word, the cancer

The illness to cure you

To hate and endure you

Burning as offering

The new hope I bring

For comforting lies

To be held with

To wed

New lovers to bed

Madness, madness, madness my friend

As I stand above you all

And piss down the hill

On myself waiting

In a grave cold and still

I think of the king I once was

And one I couldn’t be

And I judge you all

Guilty of needing me

And wanting more

Loathing the glory

While paying the whore

The remnants of me are yours to sell

To touch, to borrow, to kiss and wear well

These were never mine

They were yours all along

I painted your picture, sang your song

Take it all back

The failures and fucks

Fallen finally

Has this medicine man

Veils are torn

Reality wins and he dies

Never to rise

The show is over

Consume his bones

And enjoy the flames

Dance by the fire

And demand a new sacrifice


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