The Heat is On

Weird ones, the world keeps getting stranger. Lately, my time has been devoted to working overtime and creating visual art rather than writing. Having people dig the strange things I draw and paint is a n honor and totally blows my mind.

Being part of shows with incredibly talented people has really forced me to reexamine what I do and what ways of expression I can utilize best to get my thoughts and feelings into a workable space. I now feel like I have better artistic direction than before.

I know what I enjoy and how to go about doing my best with it. In fact, soon I will start working on drawing what will become a comic strip here on the interwebs for your entertainment. The characters and stories make me laugh, so the count is at least one in the fan department.

Stay tuned for more posts of art and info about upcoming shows where my work can be seen and purchased. Thanks for reading and visiting this strangely scattered page. Keep it weird folks.


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