About the Artist

Ian Little is a being trying his best to be human. His sincere hope is to leave a positive dent in this strange world before he perishes as all things do. He is known for his humor, nerdy interests, and writing third person descriptions of himself. Ian Little thanks you for visiting his page of shadows and silliness. Here’s what others have to say about Ian and/or his artistic endeavors.

Interestingly loud with contemplative undertones?” – Erica Lynn

“Ian Little, he’s the best ever *drops microphone” – David Simmons

Ian has been my friend since high school and is a man of character and loyalty. Ask him a question about anything, and he will delight in answering you with whatever he knows. He’s a gifted listener and storyteller– and can always make me laugh. He can find myriad ways to explain to you why any random thing you mention is “like a car.” He’s been like a big brother to me, although three years younger– and always reminds me not to settle in relationships. He’s a devoted family man. He’s an intellectual who enjoys challenging himself and others and who has a deep appreciation for all forms of art. I’m very lucky to call him my friend and he has been a huge support of my own work as a writer.” -Amee Bohrer

No pithy blurb can provide you with a good shortcut to Ian, but I’ll say that I think the loud artwork betrays a tender soul. Look for the subtle in the obscene and enter the beautiful dichotomy.” – Heather Knight

“Disturbing, intellectual, crude, and with a childlike wonder.” – Javi Terrazzas

“Don’t laugh, you’ll only encourage him.” – Lindsay Little (Mrs. Metalhead)


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